We're obsessed with helping our clients achieve durable growth

The more clients we help the more impact we have, on them, their clients, and their employees. We equally support our vetted freelance professionals and get closer to our mission to #ChangeWorkForGood.

Therefore we're announcing things we find important and would love for you to share our message.

Durable Growth Enabler

London, U.K. - 5 October 2022

Solesa Venture Services launch Durable Growth Enabler  to help entrepreneurs and leaders strengthen their B2B venture

Tel Aviv / London, U.K. - 8 September 2022

SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES have created a free benchmarking tool for entrepreneurs and business leaders to provide on-demand access to expertise for durable growth

Durable Growth Benchmarking Tool
Solesa co-founders Inbal and Torsten

London, U.K. / Tel Aviv / Berlin -  29  March 2022

Solesa Venture Services announce startup and scaleup services for B2B companies, leveraging vetted on-demand professionals.