(London, UK – 5 October) SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES, the international advisory and fractional CXO firm on a mission to #ChangeWorkForGood, launched their Durable Growth Enabler today at the Sifted Summit 2022.

Solesa will use the Durable Growth Enabler to guide clients to think systematically about their growth ambition and their core strengths. “The B2B market has changed drastically; therefore, how business leaders go about defending and growing their ventures has to change,” shared Torsten Kriedt, Cofounder of SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES. “Product-led growth tactics, a volatile funding climate, new workforce models and regionalization are providing challenges and opportunities. We want to make sure your company is ready to compete for market share, profitable growth, talent, and funding – in the here & now and in the long run.”

In its work with business leaders around the world, SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES finds that most CEOs are keen to create their winning offering and business models for the next 3-5 years yet continuously get pulled into the tactical challenges of their core product, client base and investors.

The Durable Growth Enabler helps business leaders achieve their purpose & direction by aligning their key growth success levers: Target Market & Client Acquisition, Assets & Capabilities, People & Culture, and Cashflow & Funding.

Business leaders can get started with the Durable Growth Enabler in a one-day workshop facilitated by SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES or take a deeper dive via a 4-6 week strategy sprint that leverages a company’s strengths and assets through SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES’ venture building expertise.

We’re obsessed with helping our clients achieve durable growth,” added Inbal Latner, Cofounder of SOLESA VENTURE SERVICES. “Not every entrepreneur qualifies for accelerator programmes or are happy to dilute their equity. By providing access to the expertise on how to apply the levers for durable growth we are making a difference to the Startup ecosystem, which is key to innovation, jobs and tackling the planet’s key challenges. That’s an exciting proposition, and it’s what drives us every day.

Attendees of the Sifted Summit can connect with Torsten Kriedt to find out more about the Durable Growth Enabler. Other entrepreneurs and business leaders who are interested in learning more can benchmark their own readiness and get their score instantly at