How do you change your growth trajectory?

There is no shortcut in growing a B2B company

Yes, paid campaigns and a great digital presence can give a short-term boost in leads but they are not durable and by themselves not cost-effective.

If you want to change your company's growth trajectory you need to look at all levers and coordinate the actions.

At Solesa we have found that the key levers for durable growth are interlinked.

We use our Durable Growth Enabler model to help companies on their growth journey.

Unlock your team's superpower

Add growth planning to your team workshop

Using the Durable Growth Canvas with your team

  1. Print the Durable Growth Canvas (A1 or poster size ideal)
  2. Plan the team workshop:  Ideally spend 2.5 hours on this in total
  3. Define your baseline: Go through the growth enablers one-by-one
    - Capture immediate feedback on post its
    Acknowledge each input
    - Don't be defensive, don't deep dive into potential solutions or "the right answer"
  4. Once each section is done, reflect on the readiness to grow sustainably
  5. Group the items that help or hinder growth into big themes
  6. Let the team prioritize and discuss urgency
  7. Define concrete actions to tackle the high priority and urgent topics
  8. Align on those fit into the current business-as-usual priorities and assign ownership
  9. Let the team deliver ;)

      Are you ready to change your growth trajectory?