Value creation for your portfolio companies

We started out working directly with founders, but have increasingly been brought in by investors - PE firms, VCs, and family offices - to help them support their B2B portfolio companies.

You believe in the businesses you have invested in and your investment hypotheses are sound. But sometimes value creation requires more support than your core team can provide.

This is where Solesa Venture Services comes in.

We are a specialized advisory firm helping B2B companies grow strategically.

Our team of experts provides the experience, expertise, and connections to help companies:

  • Validate target market opportunity and product-market fit
  • Identify new growth opportunities and verticals to expand into
  • Craft data-driven growth strategies and operating models
  • Strengthen positioning and increase margins
  • Reignite growth and change their trajectory
  • Provide pragmatic yet robust governance

Whether they are early-stage startups or established companies needing a growth boost, we fuse innovation with commercial acumen to deliver results.

✓ Commercial due diligence

Fractional leaders and operators

Initiative-based support

Unlock the value of your portfolio companies

Craft a value creation strategy based on validated insight. Elevate the chances of success for your portcos. Open the doors to new growth opportunities. Provide an experienced operator to set the team up for success. Avoid risky hires by providing on-demand professionals.

Let's connect and explore how Solesa can empower your businesses deliver value through strategic growth.