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The art of focus:

Decluttering your project portfolio

Validating the market:

The science and art of listening actively

A checklist for Durable Growth

For a successful business transformation, engage your team

Your unfair advantage:

use growth experts as board advisors

Strategic partnering:

startups and enterprises

Creating value for private equity and beyond

Agile mindset for businesses

Performing under pressure:

tips for leaders

Mentoring businesses in Europe

Prioritizing product features:

best practices

Conducting a market analysis for

problem solution fit


when to exit a market


where to register your business in Europe

Strategic decisions:

The art of creating options

Choosing growth after the cuts


Where to establish your HQ in Europe

What are the best project management tools to deliver strategy?

Using a product roadmap to deliver strategy

Decision-making in uncertainty:

Using data and intuition

Being customer-centric does not mean ignoring your competition

Grit and perseverance are key to success for entrepreneurs

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